Vegetable Fritters.

Friends, hello and welcome back. Today we’ll be making fritters, a crunchy,crispy, spicy dish made from different vegetables like cauliflower,potato,onion,lady finger,brinjal,raw banana,green chillies. These fritters are easy to make and taste great. So let us pack some fun in fritters and start with our recipe.


  1. Vegetables-Cauliflower(cut into florets) – 1
  2. Potato(big) – 2
  3. Onions – 3
  4. Lady Fingers – 100 gms
  5. Brinjal – 1
  6. Raw bananas – 3
  7. Green Chillies – 50 gms
  8. Rice Flour – 250 gms
  9. Wheat flour or refined white flour(maida)or cornflour – 50 gms
  10. Salt – According to taste
  11. Turmeric powder – 1 tsp
  12. Red chilly powder – 1 tsp
  13. Garam masala powder – 2 tsp
  14. Asafoetida or hing – A pinch
  15. Vegetable oil – For frying.
  16. Chaat masala -Optional.


Step 1 – Wash and cut the veggies in any shape and size you want.

Step 2 – Now take a bowl. Add to it the given amounts of rice flour,wheat flour,salt,turmeric powder,red chilly powder,garam masala powder,asafoetida and add to it water to make a batter of dropping consistency.

Step 3 – Coat the veggies in the batter. Heat oil in a vessel. And drop the veggies one by one in the hot oil. Fry them for five minutes or till lightly browned and take out of the oil and drain on tissue paper.

Step 4 – Sprinkle some chaat masala on the fried fritters. .Serve this fun filled fritter magic with tomato or green chilly ketchup.

Note points – 1.It’s important to slit the ends of green chillies and lady fingers.

2.The consistency of the batter must be proper. It must not be too thick or thin.

Do try this recipe at home. Fritters are eaten as a snack in afternoon or evening or as an accompaniment. Have a great weekend everyone. 









A delicacy of north India, hilsa is a delicious sweet dish made with rice flour and jaggery which is just awesome to taste and even quite simple to make. So let us start-


  1. Rice Flour – 250 gm.
  2. Jaggery or Gur Powder – 100 gm.
  3. Fennel or Saunf – 1/2 tsp.
  4. Vegetable Oil – for frying.
  5. Water – 1/2 cup.


Step 1 – Take the rice flour in a bowl. Now take half cup of water and jaggery in a kadhai and boil it together with some saunf while stirring it consistently. When 1 string thickness or consistency is got in the jaggery-water mixture turn off the gas.

Step 2 – Now add the rice flour slowly to it and keep on stirring continuously. Let it cool.

Step 3 – When it gets cooled the mixture should resemble a dough. Now make long cylindrical shapes out of it and drop it one by one into hot vegetable oil. Take care not to turn them to both sides very frequently as they can break.
Step 4 – Brown them on both sides and take them out slowly. Drain the excess oil on a tissue paper.

The dish, hilsa is ready.

Note Points:-1.The rice flour should be fresh for best results.

2.The oil must be hot when you drop the rice balls into it.

3.You can make these in any shape you want to, either round, square or cylindrical.

Do try this recipe at home and do write your suggestions and clear your doubts if you have any. This dish can be served with ice cream or had just on its own. Till then happy cooking,healthy living.


Ingredients:For the batter.

  1. Fresh rice flour – 1/2 kg.
  2. Sugar(powdered) – 1 1/2 cups.
  3. Vegetable oil – 2 tbsp.
  4. Curd – 1 cup.(or till you can make a pliable dough out of the rice flour).
  5. Cardamom powder – 1 tsp.
  6. Dry coconut flakes or copra – 1 1/2 tbsp.
  7. Raisin – 1 tsp.
  8. Poppy seeds – spread on a plate.

For frying –Vegetable oil.


Step 1 – Take a bowl and put rice flour in it.Add to it the given amounts of oil,sugar,raisins,coconut flakes,and then slowly add curd to it.The given ingredients should form a pliable dough.

Step 2 – Heat oil in a vessel and when it is quite hot, make mini pancakes with the dough by spreading it on your palm.Now coat it in the poppy seeds spread in a plate and drop them slowly in the hot oil. One thing to be remembered is that these pancakes are very tender so it must not be tossed too much from one side to the other as they may break in the vessel.When they become firm and reddish on one side toss it then only to the other.

Step 3 – Drain the excess oil out of the cakes on a tissue paper.Enjoy.

The dish, Anarsa is ready.It can be had as a snack or can be enjoyed with your cup of tea and coffee.Do try the recipe at home and share your comments and feedback and clear out doubts if there are any.This dish is a delicacy,in the northern region of India.It is crunchy ,sweet and  you can get a great combination of tastes of rice flour and curd in it.It is liked in my family and becomes an immediate hit among kids.So try it out to get the super taste of this one.Till then happy cooking,healthy living!


Pumpkin with flax seed.

Welcome again friends to my cosy corner.Today I am going to make a very healthy ,sumptuous and equally tasty curry of pumpkin with flax seed.This recipe has two ingredients namely pumpkin which is a boon for the heart and flax seed which reduces bad cholesterol drastically.It combines pure health and taste and has a meagre amount of oil which can be omitted for people with heart problems or cholesterol.So let us start with it:-


  1. Green fresh finely chopped pumpkin -1
  2. Finely chopped Radish – 1
  3. Flax seed powder (made after roasting together flax seed,1 dry red chilly and 1 tsp coriander seeds)-3 tbsp.
  4. Salt – According to taste.
  5. Turmeric powder -1 tsp.
  6. Dry mango powder – 1 tbsp.

For tempering :- 1.Five spice – 1 tsp.

2.Bay leaf -2

3. Asafoetida or Hing -A pinch.

4. Dry red chilly – 2

For garnishing :-Chopped green chilly.

Chopped coriander.


Step 1 -Wash and peel the skin of pumpkin. Similarly wash and peel the radish. Cut both of them very finely and pressure cook them as it will save your time and energy. When it is cooked drain out the excess water but keep some of it for using in the curry.

Step 2 -Heat a heavy-bottom karahi and add the given amounts of five spice,red chilly ,asafoetida, mustard oil and let them splutter. But take care not to burn the tempering.

Step 3 -Now to the karahi add boiled pumpkin,radish,salt,turmeric powder and saute it for a while.

Step 4 – When the pumpkin is slightly mashed add roasted and powdered flax seed which has to be initially roasted together with 1 dry red chilly and 1 tsp coriander seeds and then powdered ,dry mango powder and saute it again for five minutes. It will be a semi-dry curry so don’t dry out all the water from it.

Step 5 – The pumpkin-flax seed tasty curry is ready.Garnish it with chopped green chillies and coriander.

Friends do try this recipe at home. It can be had with rice, dal, dosai, rotis, paranthas. It is a very healthy preparation for people with heart problem or diabetes.It has no spice,all the taste and all health so go ahead and try it in your homes.I am sure you will like it.Say yes to good health with this curry.Till then happy cooking,healthy living.

Cucumber Raita.


  1. Cucumber(grated) -2
  2. Curd -1 1/2 cups.
  3. Salt – According to taste.
  4. Green Chillies(chopped)- 2.
  5. Black Mustard Powder – 1 1/2 tbsp.
  6. Mustard oil – 2 tsp.
  7. Coriander leaves for garnishing.


Step 1-Wash and grate the cucumbers.

Step 2-Squeeze out the excess water from it.

Step 3 -Take a bowl and put the squeezed cucumber in it .To it add curd ,salt,green chillies,mustard oil and black mustard powder.Garnish with fresh coriander.Give everything a good mix.The raita is ready in a jiffy.

Friends do try this recipe at home.It is an accompaniment to your regular lunch or dinner and.It can also be had with biryani,fried rice,puris and the like.Enjoy the weekend,till then happy cooking ,healthy living.

Roasted Gram Flour Parantha with mashed Brinjals.

Hi friends,welcome again.Today we will be together making Gram Flour or Sattu ,paranthas.So let us start.


For the dough

Wheat flour – 400 gms.

Water – As per requirement to make a smooth pliable dough.

For the filling:

Roasted gram flour – 250 gms.

Finely chopped onions – 1.

Finely chopped green chilly -1.

Finely chopped garlic – 1 tbsp.

Finely chopped ginger – 1 tbsp.

Carom seeds or Ajwain – 1 tsp.

vegetable oil – 1 tbsp.

Salt -According to taste.

Lemon juice – from 2 lemons.


For making the dough:-Step 1-Take the given amount of wheat flour and using water make a smooth,pliable dough.Keep it aside.

For making the filling:-

Step 1 -Take the gram flour in a bowl and to it add the finely chopped onions,green chillies,cut ginger,garlic,salt,carom seed,vegetable oil and lemon juice and mix all up well.

Step 2 -Now roll out small rounds from the dough and in it fill the gram flour filling and seal it up using a little water.Now roll this small ball of dough filled with the filling using a rolling pin to make a medium-sized chapati .Take care not to crack the chapati or the filling will spill out of it.

Step 3 – Now take a griddle or tawa and heat it. Place the chapati in it and using some oil make out the paranthas. Take care not to burn them.

The paranthas of sattu or roasted gram flour are ready.Team them up with mashed brinjals,or curd dip or sweet or green chutney.It can be best had in breakfast or can suit you even in lunch or dinner.

                                               MASHED BRINJALS.

For making mashed brinjals we need-


  1. Big size brinjal-1
  2. Tomato -1
  3. Finely cut onions -1 small bowl
  4. Finely cut green chilly-1
  5. Salt -according to taste.
  6. Finely cut coriander leaves -A small bunch.
  7. Garam Masala -1 tsp.
  8. Vegetable Oil- tsp.



Step 1-Wash the brinjal and make 2 slits on it.

Step 2 -Roast the brinjal on fire.

Step 3 -Take a small sized tomato,clean it and roast it too .

Step 3-Now take the two veggies and mash it with a masher.

Step 4 -Heat a pan and add some oil to it. Then add a pinch of cumin. When it starts to splutter add finely cut onions and green chillies to it.Fry it a bit and then add the mashed mixture to it.Now add the remaining ingredients that are salt, garam masala and chopped coriander to it.Cook it for two minutes and remove from fire.The baingan bharta or mashed brinjals are thus ready.

This dish can be had with all kinds of paranthas like the above one and radish parantha or cauliflower parantha. It can also be had with plain chapatis,poori or rice.

Friends do try this recipe at home. It is a healthier and more tasty replacement for mashed potatoes.It is super quick and super tasty.Have a great week everyone.Till then healthy cooking,happy living.


Radish Fritters.


  1. Radish  (grated) – 250 gms .
  2. Green Chilly – 1.
  3. Salt – According to taste.
  4. Gram Flour – 200 gms.
  5. Cumin seeds or Carom seeds – a pinch.
  6. Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp.


Step 1 – Wash and grate the radish.Squeeze out the excess water out of it.

Step 2 – Cut out the green chilly in very small pieces.

Step 3 -In a bowl  take the grated radish, add to it the finely chopped chilly,then add the given amount of gram flour,salt,splutter some cumin or carom seeds,turmeric powder,salt and mix it all along with some water.Keep it aside.

Step 4 – Heat a pan and one by one shallow fry the fritters using some oil.

Step 5 -Serve it hot with green chutney or salad with a dash of lemon in it.

Do try this simple two minute recipe at home and share your comments or feedback and clear out doubts if you have any.It is very easy and a no-fuss recipe.I hope you will like it and give it a try. Till then have a great week and happy cooking time to all of you!