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Hi there, my beautiful and talented friends, I am so happy to tell you that I have been nominated by SaumyaAnandaKrishnan of Pamper ur taste buds blog for Mystery Blogger Award.

I give my wholehearted thanks to Saumya for nominating me. The award is sure a spirit booster for me. Such awards propel the emerging or even established bloggers to do better and keep learning about people, cultures, food, customs and much more. And they sure keep our interest hooked for better blogging. Saumya is an upcoming and talented blogger, her recipes are great in quality and I wish her all the very best for her endeavors in future. Do take a look at her blog to find something interesting for sure.

This award was actually created by Okoto Enigma of

RULES:—1. Put the award logo/image on your blog post.

2. List the rules.

3.Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link.

5. Tell readers 3 things about yourself.

6. Answer the questions the blogger gave to you.

7. Nominate 10-20 people.

8. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.

9. Ask nominees 5 questions of your choice (one weird/funny question).

10. Share the link to your best post(s).

Three things about me are

1. I am a very positive person and I love my family. I am totally dedicated to their welfare and well being. I am a homely and a fun loving person by heart.

2. I am fond of cooking and experimenting with different stuff and processes and coming up with a new dish. I love all kinds of cuisines and am inquisitive to know more.

3. I like nature and listen to melodious numbers from around the world. I also like to make new friends and that too for a lifetime. Also, I like to keep people around me comfy and happy.

My answers—

1. Tell me one thing that you love about yourself.

The one thing in me that I love is my humility and dedication towards my family. I love to make all around me happy.

2. What’s your favorite dessert?

It’s Rice Phirni. I love its smooth texture and I love it in the evenings.

3. What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you?

A funny incident that I remember till today happened when I had just got married to my hubby and he had been appointed the secretary of the club of Guwahati where he had just joined. Now he was directing a skit on the occasion of Wive’s Nite of which he was the team head and on the day of the program he told me that he would come after work and then he would go to the club for the program. But on that day at 5 o’clock in the evening, a sardarji by the name of Gurpal Singh came to my house and started to ask me about my husband’s whereabouts. I said he was not home till then but he insisted on waiting. So he sat down and talked but he talked so much that I now wished he would leave. But one hour passed and he would not budge. Then I politely told him to leave but still, he would not. Then I threatened him that I would call my neighbor at which he replied, ‘well, Abha, don’t you recognize me?’ And then he took off his pagri and the false mustache and both of us burst into peals of laughter. This incident has been in my memory ever since and I found it quite funny.

4. Name the person who inspires you the most. And why?

I am inspired by Maneka Gandhi, minister of woman and child development very much who I think is a lady of power and substance with simplicity and her actions speak for her.

5. What’s the most important lesson that life has taught you so far?

The most important lesson that I have learned is keeping self, fit, fine and healthy. According to me all is lost if you have lost your health. Keeping healthy is the smartest act and nothing compares to a healthy life. One must balance everything in life but must not put health in sidetracks. Health is no doubt the greatest wealth that everybody is entitled to on earth.

My nominees are -1.Swetha of Swetha’s Culinary Trials.

2.Megala of Megala’s Kitchen.

3.Smart veg recipes.

4.Priya Pandian of Indian Kitchen blog.

5.Cindy of Cookiesnchemistry blog.

6.An Indian Homemaker.

7. Jyothi of The Friendly Epicurean blog.

8.Shamimshobhani of Shamimshobhani blog.

9.Crunch Crunch Away.

10.Mom’s recipe diary.

11.Panandnell of P&N blog.

12.Jasmine S. of The Richmond Avenue blog.

All of their blogs are wonderful and beautiful. Do check them out.

Questions from my side.

1. What has been your most inspiring moment of this new year?

2. What cookery book have you most recently read and liked? Why?

3. How do you define a quality blog and by what attributes?

4. What really scares you a lot?

5. What did you want to do from childhood,i.e, what was your aim which you couldn’t fulfill and what did you end up with?

The two of my popular posts are:–1.Wheat Pancakes.

2.Dahi Bhalle.

I thank my nominators, all the readers and fellow bloggers for their interest and enthusiasm they have shown me by way of likes and comments. Thanks for your support. You people are the best.

Thanks again, have a great day.




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Hi! I am Abha Jha and I welcome you all heartily to my blog. Cooking has been my passion for the better part of my life. I was brought up knowing the traditional Indian style of cooking from my ancestral home. I wish to pass on this treasure trove of delightful, easy and yummy recipes to foodies and budding chefs alike. I also love experimenting with food and discovering world cuisine. I wish to keep discovering amazing new recipe's and showcasing them with the world.

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