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Hello friends.Today I’ll be sharing some cooking and general household tips with you which I hope come in your use and benefit you as they have benefited me.They are really essential to have in knowledge and aid the purpose of good management and help the housewife really well.So here you go—–

1.Add little more of salt in your achar or pickles to increase their shelf life and durability than you would be adding to prepare it.Salt acts as a natural preservative for the pickle but must be kept away from contact with water always.

2.If you have more of grains in your house and want to store them like rice,dal or any such cereal then put the fresh leaves of neem in it.The rice and dal will stay fine for a longer bit of time.

3.If you want to store stocks of potato for some period of time then don’t keep them piled in sacks,keep them by spreading them all over.In this way,the potatoes won’t rot very soon.

4.If while making dal you add two teaspoons of vegetable oil in it and then pressure cook it,the extra water of the cooker will not come out from whistle.

5.If you are making food then to stop the food from burning you can add some water and continue.

6.If you want to make sugar syrup and make it white then you can add some baking soda to it.

7.To make well-blown home-made chapatis coat them with more flour and then bake them.This way you will get good blown chapatis.

8.If you have added more of spices in your curry you can add some coconut milk to it to remove its sharp taste.

9.When you are adding tadka of cumin or paanchphoran or black mustard to any dish don’t blacken it,keep it browned.

10.When making a vegetable curry of brinjal keep it closed with a lid for some time or it will harden and will take more time to cook.

11.To peel skin of fruits and vegetables place them in a bowl and cover with boiling water and let it be as such for one minute,then peel with a sharp knife.

12.To keep your pizza crust crispy first spread the cheese then the pizza sauce over its top.

13.If you sprinkle some plain flour over french fries and then fry them they will turn out very golden browned.

14.To bake a perfect potato filled with more taste and no cracks rub its surface with some oil or butter.

15.When beating egg whites add a teaspoon of cold water to it to double the quantity.

16.When boiling milk smear ghee on the edges of the vessel to prevent overflow.

17.When making dosas put two tablespoons of cooked rice into the batter.The dosa will flip over easily and will be crisper.

18.To keep any salad fresh for an evening party first chill the bowl or tray in which you intend to serve the salad.

19.Store mushrooms in paper bags rather plastic bags or trays.This stops them from becoming discolored and stale.

20.While cooking cabbage add a bay leaf.This will reduce the smell during cooking and also give a good flavor.

21.Remove stems of green chilies while storing them.This will help them to stay fresh for long.

22.Use ginger-garlic paste in the ratio of 40:60 ratio as ginger is a stronger and more pungent spice and may make your dish go bad.

23.Add a few drops of oil to rice before boiling it to get separate grains of rice.

24.Don’t discard the water in which vegetables have been boiled.Use them for making curries and dals as they contain many minerals.

25.Put tomatoes in some boiling water and leave it as such for some time.The skin of tomatoes will peel off easily.

26.When boiling noodles add one teaspoon of oil to get separate strands.Don’t over boil them.And when boiled put them under cold running water to get separate strands.

27.To thaw butter which has just come out of fridge keep it under cold running water.

28.To avoid extra milk from sticking to the bottom of the vessel add some water to the vessel before adding milk to it.

29.Put a lemon in hot water to get more lemon juice from it.Put leafy veggies wrapped in cloth bags or newspapers rather than poly bags to avoid their fast decay.

30.Put some hot mustard oil in your ginger-garlic or green chilly paste which has come out of its sealed packet and is extra at the moment than is required to increase its life.

31.To avoid blackening of the cut surface of ripe apples rub some lime juice over it.

32.Keep the mashed potatoes in the fridge before taking them out to make cutlets so that they remain more solid while frying, don’t get too mushy and don’t spill out very much.

33.To make some instant food for toddlers and small babies put some rice in tomato sauce and adding some sugar and water cook it to get sweet saucy rice which will be liked by your kids.

34.If you have some leisure time in hand take some wheat flour dough and taking small lumps, fill sugar or powdered jaggery in it.Now make rotis out of them and shallow-fry them in oil to get ‘sugar or jaggery pooris’.You can also fill some raisin in it.

35.Defrost your non-vegetarian items to normal or room temperature before cooking them.This way they are safer from certain bacterias.

36.To reduce cooking time of meat keep it marinated in fridge for 12 hours.

37.Soak potatoes and brinjals in water after cutting to avoid discolouration.

38.Put onions after peeling their skin out in cold water and then chop them to avoid water from coming out of eyes.

39.Add some hot oil and baking powder in batter before making pakodas or fritters.

40.Don’t over fry mustard paste,poppy seed paste and coconut for long when making anything out of these items.

41.To get crispier pooris add some rice flour to the dough before kneading.

42.Try to fry masalas o medium flame and try to keep one percent of rawness in your veggies as they contain more vitamins,minerals etc.Don’t overcook veggies but do so for the dals.

43.To store fish for longer period marinate it with salt,turmeric powder,vinegar and garlic paste.

44.Use some custard powder while making curd to get thicker curd.

45.Adding some sugar to certain dishes like aloo-gobhi, aloo parwal,chicken when you have added more of tomato puree helps to remove the extra unwanted tanginess from the dish.

46.Use homemade garam masala got from grinding cardamom(big and small),cinnamon,peppercorns,clove,mace,nutmeg etc to get extra taste than the ones available in markets which are not hundred percent pure.

47.To make better cakes the amount of baking powder in the batter must be appropriate or more but should not be less.

48.You can make a quick dessert recipe of sweet toasts.For that cut your bread in halves.Now deep fry them in oil till golden brown.Now drop them in sugar syrup and then finally sprinkle some cardamom powder over it and spread some ice cream or cut fruits over it and enjoy.

49.If you don’t have tomato puree at home add some dry mango or amchoor powder to your dish to get the similar effect.

50.To make better porridge or kheer or simply a better cup of  tea use some milkmaid in it.

51.Use more of black salt in your veggies if you have blood pressure than white salt.

52.Use cooking butter or olive oil if possible to stay healthier in making food.

53.Cook everything when oil is properly hot to avoid from sticking to bottom.

54.You can eat sweet potato just by roasting it on gas flame or oven,then peeling the skin off and  eating it with sour cream tempered with salt,pepper powder.

55.Do not eat semi cooked items like veggies,eggs or chicken ,fish or meat.They may retain some toxic bacteria in them.






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