Desi Bihari Bhel


Hello, and welcome to my cooking corner again. Today I am going to make Desi Bhel’, a rustic Bihari snack which is easy and funky to make in the evenings or anytime. It is not an elaborate recipe and requires not many ingredients. I usually try to showcase those recipes which are simply made from readily available ingredients. It is called a ‘poor man’s snack’ in the rural areas of Bihar and can be made in a jiffy. It is a crunchy, curried snack that is very interesting to prepare and can be made more so by adding the garnishing ingredients to it. This can be made with any lentil or a combination of them but it should be spicy to eat. To serve this bhel, we firstly make the dal fritters and then we curry them or pour the gravy over the fritters. Then we add the garnish of puffed rice, finely chopped onions, green chilies, tamarind juice, green chutney over it and serve. So let’s start with the recipe—

For the dal fritters:

  1. Chana Dal-250 gms
  2. Onion- 1
  3. Dry Red Chillies-3
  4. Cumin-1/2 tsp
  5. Salt-According to taste

For the gravy:-

  1. Onion-1
  2. Ginger Garlic Paste-1 tsp
  3. Turmeric Powder-1/2 tsp
  4. Coriander Powder-1 tsp
  5. Red Chilly Powder-1 tsp
  6. Garam Masala-1 tsp
  7. Dry Mango Powder-1 tsp
  8. Salt-According to taste
  9. Oil-2 tbsp
  10. Water-As needed

For the serving:-

  1. Puffed Rice (Murmura)-100 gms
  2. Onion-1(finely chopped)
  3. Green Chillies-2
  4. Green Chutney-1 tsp
  5. Tamarind Juice-1 tsp
  6. Chopped cilantro- For garnish(optional)
  7. Besan Sev-For garnish(optional)


Step 1

20191031_003502.jpgWash and soak the chana dal for 6 hours. Chop the onion and green chilies finely. Now rinse the dal and grind it coarsely. Mix in chopped onion, dry red chilies, cumin, and salt. Soak tamarind in water. Mash the pulp in it to get a slightly thick juice of it. Add some black salt in it. Mix and keep aside. This will be used at the time of the final serving of our bhel as a garnish.

Step 2

Take a pan and add oil in it. Spread it around in the pan with  brush. Now make small balls from the batter and shallow fry in the pan. Take out and drain on tissue paper.

Step 3

Now to make the desi gravy of the bhel, take a pan and add oil in it. Add some finely chopped onions and green chilies. Fry for two minutes. Next add ginger garlic paste and the spices, turmeric powder, red chilly powder, coriander powder,garam masala, dry mango powder, and salt. Fry till done. Lastly, add water for a thick gravy. Simmer for five minutes before switching off the gas.

Step 4

To assemble our desi bhel, take a bowl and place the fritters in it. Now pour the gravy we just made over and around the fritters. Pour tamarind juice. Garnish with finely chopped onion, green chilies, and some green chutney. You can add some besan sev or freshly chopped cilantro over it too though it is optional.

20191031_003437.jpgOur DESI BHEL is done, ready to be served. Generally, it is had as a snack with some hot tea.

Friends do try the recipe at home. Share your comments and feedback. Have a great week everyone. Till then healthy cooking, happy living!!!




Vegetable And Curd Shorba


Hello, and welcome to my cooking corner again. I have been late for my post as some renovation work was going on in my kitchen which has ended today. Today I am going to share a super easy recipe of Vegetable Curd Shorba which is healthier and if all preparations are done, it really is a no timer. This shorba can be had with your choice of bread or rice too. So let’s start with the recipe—


  1. Cut mixed veggies like cauliflower, green peas, french beans, carrots, potato, and spinach-250 gms
  2. Beaten Curd-100 gms
  3. Cottage Cheese or Panir-25 gms
  4. Thick Coconut Milk-3 tbsp
  5. Almond-cashew and onion paste-1 tsp
  6. Green Chilly-1
  7. Tomato- 1(big)
  8. Cumin Powder-1/2 tsp
  9. Red Chilly Powder-1/2 tsp
  10. Turmeric Powder-1/2 tsp
  11. Garam Masala-1 tsp
  12. Salt-According to taste
  13. Fresh Cream-1 tbsp

For the tempering:-

  1.  Cumin-1/2 tsp
  2. Kasuri Methi-1 tsp
  3. Asafoetida-A pinch
  4.  Butter-2 tbsp


Step 1

Wash, cut and blanch the veggies. Finely chop the green chilies and tomato. Cut the cottage cheese in pieces. Make a paste of almond, cashew, and onion and keep aside.

Step 2

Take a pan. Add tempering ingredients, then add chopped chilies. Now add the almond, cashew and onion paste. Saute it till the masala paste is well fried. Add all the above-given spices. Now add the chopped tomatoes and fry again.

Step 2

B612_20191010_114026_776.jpgNext, add the blanched veggies. Fry for three-four minutes with the masala mix on high flame. Now add adequate water and let it boil for three minutes. Add coconut milk and panir cubes and let it boil for another two-four minutes. Now switch off the gas and let the gravy cool. Now it’s time to mix the beaten curd. Switch off the gas. Finally, garnish with fresh cream.

Note point—-Fresh curd should only be used to make the recipe.

Our Vegetable And Curd Shorba is done. Serve it with toasted bread, steamed rice or with anything that you want to.

Friends do try the recipe. Share your comments and feedback. Have a great week everyone. Till then healthy cooking, happy living!!!