Water Spinach Curry


Hello, and welcome to my cooking corner again. How are you all today?Happy Saturday to you guys.Today I am going to share with you a very healthy recipe of Water spinach curry. It is a tropical plant grown as a vegetable for it’s tender shoots. It is known by various other names such as river spinach, Chinese spinach.

Today I will make it’s soupy curry with tempering and will serve it with steamed rice and Indian version of mashed potatoes.It is very tasty, healthier and is good for the digestive system too. I want to share it with you guys.Now let’s get started with this recipe—


  1. Water Spinach-500 gms
  2. Turmeric Powder-1/2 tsp
  3. Salt-According to taste
  4. Corn starch-1 tbsp
  5. Dry Mango Powder or raw mango-1 tbsp/1
  6. Water-As required


  1. Crushed Carom seeds-1/2 tsp
  2. Asafoetida-A pinch
  3. Coriander Powder-1 tsp
  4. Red ChillyPowder-1 tsp
  5. Garam Masala Powder-1 tsp
  6. Oil-1 tbsp


Step 1

B612_20200625_182821_849To make the curry, firstly pluck the leaves off the stem of spinach. Wash it.Now boil water in a vessel. And then add the spinach and raw mango in it.Cover and cook for 3-5 minutes.Boil it till it is cooked well.If you do not have raw mango you can use dry mango powder instead.I have used the latter.

Step 2

Add cornstarch in a bowl along with some water and mix to make a solution. Add this to the boiled greens slowly. Stir it for a while.Simmer the flame and cook it for 3 minutes.It should have a thin soup-like consistency.

Step 3

B612_20200627_162744_914Now take a pan. Add all the tempering ingredients.When it’s done, mix this tempering in the greens.

Our Water Spinach Curry is done. Serve it with rice and Indian style mashed potatoes.If you want to know the recipe of mashed potatoes do refer to my post on the same.

Friends do try the recipe at home. Share your comments and feedback. Have a great weekend everyone. Till then healthy cooking, happy living.Stay at home,stay happy and safe!!!