Buttery Prawns With Garlic And Amaranth Stem


Hello and welcome everyone to my cooking corner once again. Today I will be sharing a very easy and simple dish of Prawns With Garlic And Amaranth Stem with you. It is tastier, healthier and can be prepared in minutes. The dish is flavourful with a garlicky touch and the lemon juice adding the much needed satisfying touch to it. I liked this simple preparation very well hoping that you will too. So let’s start with the making—


  1. Prawns(medium sized)-100 gms
  2. Amaranth Stems-50 gms
  3. Garlic-4 pods
  4. Red Chilly Flakes-1/2 tsp
  5. Pepper Powder-1/2 tsp
  6. Turmeric Powder-1/2 tsp
  7. Salt-According to taste
  8. Butter-2 tbsp
  9. Lemon Juice-1 tsp(For garnish)



DSC04013_20190423081757315.jpgWash and clean the prawns. Marinate it with salt, turmeric powder, and chilly flakes and keep aside for twenty minutes. Cut the amaranth stems into small pieces.

Step 2

Take a pan. Add butter and 4 pods of garlic. Fry it for a minute. Add the chilly flakes. Now add the cut amaranth stems and fry for a minute again before adding some water to boil.

Step 3

DSC04024_20190423091836848When the water dries up and the stem is tender, add the marinated prawns, pepper powder and fry it for ten minutes. Cover and cook everything together till the spices are evenly mixed.

Our Buttery Prawns With Garlic And Amaranth Stem is done. Garnish by squeezing some lime juice over the dish. Serve it with buttered toasts and tea.

Friends do try the recipe at home. Share your comments and feedback. Have a great week everyone. Till then healthy cooking, happy living!!!


Oil-Free Fish


Hello friends, welcome back. Today I’ll share a simple recipe of oil-free fish curry with veggies which is really healthy and super easy to prepare. It is a great recipe for me, I hope you like it too. The recipe is as follows:-


  1. Fish(any fish can be used, small or big ) – 4 pieces.
  2. Okra – 1/2 bowl.
  3. Mustard and Cumin Paste – 4 tbsp.
  4. Turmeric Powder – 1 tsp.
  5. Red Chilly Powder – 1 tsp.
  6. Garlic Paste – 2 tsp.
  7. Tomato Puree – 2 tbsp.
  8. Dry Mango Powder – 2 tsp.

For Tempering:-1.Five Spice -1 tsp

Bay Leaf -1


Step 1 

Wash the fish. Rub some salt, turmeric powder and garlic paste on them. Now roast the pieces on a non-stick pan without even one drop of oil. Similarly cut the okra and roast it in a non-stick pan, here again, without any oil.

Step 2

Take a kadhai and add the five spice in it along with the bay leaf. When it splutters add the garlic paste and red chilly powder and then add the tomato puree. Now add the mustard and cumin paste in it. After two minutes, add the water for the gravy. Now stir in the roasted okra and roasted fish and then mix in some dry mango powder. Add salt lastly according to taste. Cover and cook the dish on a medium flame for two-three minutes. Here I have used okra as my choice of veggie in combination to which you can use others too like aubergine, potato, cauliflower, radish, carrot, and broccoli. Finally, garnish with cilantro.

IMG_3050.JPGOur Oil-Free Fish is ready. It’s a healthy recipe good for diabetics and cholesterol patients and for other health freaks also. In this recipe, I haven’t used even one drop of oil but it will not affect its taste in the least. The curry gravy should not be very thick. It is a great dish complete with taste and health and can be best had with steamed rice, onion, cucumber, tomato, lemon salad and some curd.

Friends do try this recipe at home. Share your comments and feedback. Have a great week everyone. Till then healthy cooking, happy living!!!