Lemon Pickle


Hello and welcome friends. Today we’ll be making one of the very famous pickles, made from lemons. Lemon pickles are made in many ways, some of them in a spicy way, some tangy and some sweet version ones. Lemon is a very healthy vegetable found all over the world. It is one of the most widely found citrus fruits in the world. It has the scientific name of Citrus Limon. Lemons are thought to have originated in the Himalayan foothills of north-east India from where they spread to other parts of the world. Limes are a second variety from the same family and are smaller in size and less sour in taste than lemons. This fruit is very less in calories, carrying just 29 calories per 100 gm, they contain zero saturated fats or cholesterol. It is acidic because it has citrus acid and prevents the disease called Scurvy. It also has B-complex vitamins. So let’s prepare a tangy and super tasty pickle from it and have all the fun. Let’s begin—


  1. Tangy ripe lemon – 250 gms.
  2. ┬áSalt – According to taste.
  3. Turmeric powder – 1 tsp.
  4. Red chilly powder – 1 tsp.
  5. Hing – A pinch.
  6. Roasted and powdered Indian five spice or paanchphoran – 1 tsp.
  7. Pickle or Achar masala – 1 tsp.
  8. ┬áMustard oil – 2 tbsp.
  9. Synthetic vinegar – 1 tbsp.
  10. Black salt – A pinch.
  11. Yellow mustard powder – 1 tsp.


Step 1

Wash, wipe dry and cut the ripe lemons.

Step 2

Next, add the given amount of white salt and black salt.

Step 3

Then add asafoetida, turmeric powder, red chilly powder, yellow mustard powder.

Step 4

Then add roasted and powdered Indian five spice or panchphoran and some pickle masala.

Step 5

Next, add mustard oil not enough to immerse lemons fully but just in a small amount.

Step 6

Lastly, mix some vinegar and give everything a big good mix. Now pickle needs to be put in sunlight.

On this note, I end my recipe here. I hope you will give your time and interest in trying this recipe at home and do share your comments and feedback. Also, ask queries if any. It’s a great recipe as it helps in digestion, is equally tasty and does not engage you for long. Have a great weekend and do try this recipe at home as it will be fun. Happy pickling folks!!!